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Doctoral program in Production Engineering and Management

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Doctoral program in Production Engineering and Management

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Doctoral program in Production Engineering and Management


A) Mathematics, chemistry and humanities

1600-ΓΕ0103 Advanced numerical analysis (spring semester)

1600-ΓΕ0099 Analysis and matrix computations (fall semester)

1600-ΓΕ0097 Energy and environmental applications of catalysis (spring semester)

1600-ΓΕ0104 Numerical methods for partial differential equations (spring semester)

PHD0207 Philosophical research on technological and social development (spring semester)

B) Manufacturing and energy systems

PHD0114 Advanced design and operation control of energy systems (spring semester)

1600-ΓΕ0074 Advanced topics in computational mechanics (fall semester)

PHD0109 Fuzzy systems and control (spring semester)

PHD0110 Manufacturing metrology (spring semester)

1600-ΓΕ0061 Manufacturing modeling and simulation by CAD/CAE systems (fall semester)

1600-ΓΕ0085 Numerical methods for fluid mechanics and heat transfer (spring semester)

PHD0115 Optimal control with computational applications (fall semester)

1600-ΓΕ0019 Optimal design of materials and structures (spring semester)

PHD0113 Production planning and scheduling (spring semester)

PHD0101 Rational energy management of production systems (fall semester)

1600-ΓΕ112 Robotic systems and mechanisms (fall semester)

PHD0108 Sustainable management of energy systems (spring semester)

PHD0105 Systems development and product design using intelligent optimization methods (fall semester)

C) Decision sciences and operations research

PHD0107 Business intelligence and data analytics (fall semester)

PHD0112 Metaheuristic and evolutionary algorithms for supply chain management problems (spring semester)

1600-ΓΕ0066 Multicriteria decision systems (spring semester)

PHD0106 Queueing systems (fall semester)

1600-ΓΕ0032 Special topics in information & decision systems (spring semester)

PHD0103 Special topics in non-linear programming (fall semester)

D) Engineering management

1600-ΓΕ0098 Entrepreneurship and business evolution (spring semester)

1600-ΓΕ0095 Special forecasting topics: innovative economies and societies (fall semester)

1600-ΓΕ0064 Service quality and customer satisfaction (fall semester)

MBA0102 Financial management (fall semester)

1600-ΓΕ0065 Multicriteria analysis and financial decisions (fall semester)

PHD0104 Man-machine dynamic systems (fall semester)

1600-ΓΕ0054 Problem solving methods in management (spring semester)

PHD0116 Web-based data for sustainability and entrepreneurship (fall semester)

1600-ΓΕ0096 Quantitative methods in marketing (fall semester)